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         BCS Reading/Durga

Organising Committee (Our members & friends supporting us in various elements of this festival) :

Abhijit Chakrabarti, Arghya Dey, Arindam Basu, Aniruddha Bandopadhyay, Archana Das, Arpita Talukdar Basu, Chandan Bhowmik, Debiparna Chakrabarti, Gouri Chatterjee Dey, Himangshu Dey, Jayita Guin, Jhuma Biswas, Kalyan Banerjee, Meghna Basu, Milan Biswas, Mondira Bhattacharya, Rana Ray, Prosenjit Banerjee, Priyanandini Sarkar, Paramita Agrawala, Prasun Chakraverty, Padmasree Basak, Ratna Ghosh, Rina Nandi, Nilamadhab Mandal, Soma Mandal, Sudeshna Banerjee, Sutapa Dey, Shipra Saha, Sanjoy Paul, Samraggi Chakrabarti, Sudip Sur, Senjuti Manna, Sangita Nandi, Sourav Dutta.

This list is incomplete without Thanking all our previous committee members for the year 2019 and before, who had joined hands to organise the last 7 years of Annual Autumn Festival with great success and inclusivity. We look forward to their continued support in the years to come.


An event of such grand festivities needs a lot of support and volunteers. So, we reach out to each one of you to come together and join hands with the organising committee to make this your own festival.

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